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Commo at the 27th Ordnance 1

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First, I would like to apologize to all those in commo for my actions during my time at the 27th. I was a real jerk. Okay, I know I was worse than just a "jerk" but I can not use such words here at GeoCities. Especially I would like to say that I am very sorry for the way I was to: SSG Kuchera, SSG L. Priloeu, SSG Lawson, SGT A. Whiting, SGT J. Davis, SGT Reeves, SGT Cook, SGT Figueredo, SPC P. Taylor, SPC R. Alexander, SPC D. Hester, SPC A. McCormick, SPC D.McManus, SPC M. Kirkpatrick, SPC Van Hoosier, SPC D. Hillbish, SPC McDaniels, SPC Bone, SPC Voight, PFC Philips, PFC Schneck, PVT M. Klingler, PVT E. Helms and everyone else whos' names I can not remember at this time.

I also would like to thank you all for not beating me up when I acted up and I know you all wanted to at one time or another. Except for you Mac, because you DID beat me up (remember our 'boxing' match?) so I would like to thank you for not killing me or giving me severe brain damage. :-)

You Can Talk About Us
But You Can't Talk Without Us!

Like I mentioned, these pics were all damaged in one way or another. Also the negatives were pretty much useless so these scans were the best I could do. Disposable Heroes

Disposable Heroes

  Signal and Skull

Signal & Skull

The top two pics are b/w drawings that were made by PVT Helms and I thought they were cool so I added them here.
Life was very rough when commo went out in the field! There was not a lot of room when we added all the cases of Coke, Coleman Lanterns and tents, a cot or two, portable chairs, the MRE's, portable heaters, a Walkman, a coffee pot, ash trays, a carton of Marlboros, extra lighters, and something else... Oh, yeah, all the Army Radio equipment crammed into the back of a 2 - 1/2 ton truck! :-) Air Missions   Air Missions Air Missions     Air Missions
PVT Klingler, SGT Whiting, and me, SPC Mitsuda. Obviously, there was a fourth person out with us but I did not remember to write it down. Klingler, Whiting, Mitsuda   Schneck, Figueredo, Kirkpatrick PFC Schneck, SGT Figueredo, and SPC Kirkpatrick at the Barracks.
SGT Cook shooting some pool. SGT Cook   Hester, Vincent, Schneck SPC Hester, SPC Vincent, PFC Schneck.
SGT Whiting in his room with his "computer". I think it was an Atari something or another (This was 1990-1991!) SGT Whiting   McManus, Kirkpatrick SPC McManus and SPC Kirkpatrick in my room.
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