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Commo at the 27th Ordnance 2

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SPC McManus and SGT Cordano at a "Fun Run" at 570th USAAG HQ, Münster Germany. McManus, Cordano   Hester, Hillbish, Figueredo SPC Hester, SPC Hillbish, and SGT Figueredo inside a room at the Barracks.
Hester and me at the barracks. We are wearing FlakVests so I think this was Aug or Sept. 1990. SPC S. Mayo took this pic. Hester, Mitsuda   Hester, Mayo Hester again and SPC Mayo.
Hester and Mayo at the U.S. Gates. This was during the Desert Shield Period. There is no snow on the ground but I think this was before November. Hester, Mayo   Kirkpatrick SPC Kirkpatrick on Halloween. He loved running around with a chainsaw, scaring the kids at our "Haunted House". Thanks to Mrs. Muchow, Mrs. Cook, SSG Kuchera, Kirkpatrick, PFC Griffon, and everyone else who put effort in making this a great event!
Hester wearing an MP band so this was taken in Aug. 1990, along side with PFC Schneck. Hester, Schneck   SGT Reeves SGT Reeves throws a ball at a dunking booth. I've got some of those pics also.
SGT Hall having a good time. SGT Hall   SSG Priloeu SSG Priloeu at our library, I think I took this one when I was about to leave the 27th Ord.
SGT Figueredo with Hester. He certinally loved his room inspections! SGT Figueredo, Hester   SGT Whiting, Hester SGT Whiting and Hester. I do not remember taking this picture! And NO, I DO NOT have a drinking problem! (Kirkpatrick took this.)
SPC Alexander relaxing. Alexander   McManus SPC McManus about to twist my arm behind my back because I ticked him off or something like that. Kirkpatrick took this one.
Kirkpatrick posing in the Conference Room. Kirkpatrick   SSG Lawson SSG Lawson.
SPC McCormick at the Barracks. McCormick   Go to Commo Page 1