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59th Ordnance Brigade Patch

The 27th Ordnance Company
Stockerbush Kaserne

570th USAAG, 59th Ordnance Brigade
Büren, Germany 1989-1991


  This website is dedicated to the memory of SGT Keith Pearson.
You were a great guy and a great friend to all of us in the MP platoon and the unit. You will not be forgotten. (CPL Kelly)

I am sorry that I did not get to know you better. (SPC Mitsuda)
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Expedia Maps - Büren, Germany
These maps do not show all the details
of the city but I am sure you can get the idea
we really were a "remote site!"

Cold War Certificate
Official Recognition for Winning the Cold War

  My name is Michael Mitsuda and I am your host. I have served in the US Army from February 1989 to August 1992 and my MOS was 31C, a Single Channel Radio Operator. 

From August 1989 to December 1991, I was stationed at the 27th Ordnance Company, (Later renamed the 27th Ord Co. Detachment 1) part of the 570th US Army Artillery Group, 59th Ordnance Brigade. I was part of the Commo/OPS Platoon.

For those that are interested: The 570th USAAG and the 27th Ordnance Company had been deactivated in June 1992. The 59th Ordnance Brigade had also been deactivated in 1992 but has been reactivated at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama in 1994.

Late in 1998, I had found some of my photos that I had taken from my time at the 27th and I realize that I had not taken proper care of the photos. Some of them have started to deteriorate and on a lot of them, I had forgotten to identify the persons in the photos or note the date when they were taken. 

Early in 1999, I was surfing the Internet and found the Military Police Locator. From there, I got in contact with several MP's that were stationed at the 27th. After seeing the work accomplished at the MilitaryPolice Locator, I decided to make a site dedicated to the 27th ORD in an attempt to make contact with members I had, unfortunately, lost contact with. I am also using this space to have an option of people who served at the 27th to leave their e-mail address to have others contact them. 

Most of the photos were taken by me during my time at the 27th and are listed with their names and ranks held as best as I could remember. A couple were given to me by M. Kirkpatrick when we were stationed together and thank to C. Kelly, I have added 20 pictures to this site.

I added the "linkexchange" banner in a attempt to broadcast this website to the widest possible audience to make contact with people who were in the 27th or may know someone that have been stationed there.