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Life at the 27th Ordnance 1

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Our Dayroom during "Operation Desert Shield", sometime in August 1990. SSG Kuchera, SGT McLeod, SPC Whiting, SPC Mayo. SSG Kuchera, McLeod, Whiting, Mayo   SFC Crisp SFC Crisp (Later to be our 1SG).
SPC J. Zick and SPC Mayo. Mayo   SGT Febles SGT Febles takes a break by a commo generator.
SSG Ebidag inside the barracks. SSG Ebidag   SGT Wilson SGT Wilson gets ready to throw a pie!
During Halloween in 1991. Forgot who this was and, of course, I did not bother to write it down! Halloween   1989 baseball team 27th Ord. Co. Baseball Team takes 2nd place in 1989
TOP Row: Engler, ? , McCormick
Middle Row: Dahlhoff, Coberley, Brody, ?
Bottom Row: Mathews, Shipp, Kossman
SSG Dugger inside the barracks. SSG Dugger   PFC Griffon PFC Griffon.
1SG Gibson. 1SG Gibson   1SG Gibson, MAJ Smith 1SG Gibson and Maj. Smith on Cooks Appreciation day!