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The MP's of the 27th Ordnance 1

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This page is dedicated to the memory of SGT Keith Pearson:
I am sorry I did not get to know you better (SPC Mitsuda)

SPC Seip in his "Magician's Robes". Seip, the Magician! Waraksa PFC Waraksa takes aim at the dunking booth.
SPC Brody and Waraksa. Brody, Waraksa Seip, Wenz Seip and PVT S. Wenz.
SPC Dahlhoff. Dahlhoff Kirkpatrick, Seip, Nixon SPC Kirkpatrick, Seip, SPC Nixon in my room.
Seip at the "American" gate. Seip Mitsuda, Nixon, Kelly, Coberley Me, Nixon, SPC Kelly, and SPC Coberley. I forgot who took this picture.
PFC Remington. Remington SSG Scott, Coberley SSG Scott with Coberley at the barracks.
Nixon, Dahlhoff, Stalder at the "Front Gate" to Stockerbush. Nixon, Dahlhoff, Stalder Dahlhoff at the American Gate Dahlhoff at the "American" gate.
Nixon, Kelly and Coberley. Nixon, Kelly, Coberley Remington Remington with his burned out car.
PVT McDonald. PVT McDonald Cross Pistols