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Life at the 27th Ordnance 4

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Thanks to J. Voight, I have added these pictures from him. THANKS Jeff!

K. Duso and SSG Swanson   C. Kelly, SPC J. Voight and PFC S. Priest to the right.
Todd Duso taking a shot of something!   S. Mayo, SPC S. Mohl (from SSB) in the middle, and M. Voight.
I think SPC Nave (SSB)?   SGT. Cordano on the right
SPC D. Taufer (SSB)   Mohl and Voight
The Dynamic Duo again.   Voight after drinking too much!
Wenz to the left.   SGT Zick to the left.
Jody and Keith Pearson.   M. Kirkpatrick and 2 Belgium drivers.
This is how Commo usually start a fire in the field.   This is what happens when you let SPC Taylor start one!
SPC Taylor inside one of our RATT (Radio Teletype) Rigs.   Life with Commo in the field!