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Handy list of useful websites that I have come across

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Military Related Resources   Internet Resources
The US Army Home:

The Military Police Locator:

The Army Times Magazine:

Soldiers Online:

Cold War Recognition Certificate



Other Links:

Military News & Search

Veterans News and Information Servicve

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AOL Instant Messanger:
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Books, CD's, Movies, and a whole lot more
IMHO: One of the better search engines
Search Engine
US Army Signal Center and Ft. Gordon

US Army Military Police School at Ft. Leonard Wood

Redstone Arsenal

69th Ordnance Company
Site Pluto, Longare, Italy

Rolfs NIKE/Hercules Pages

59th Ordnance Brigade/OMEMS
Ordnance Munitions and Electronics Maintenance School

5th Artillery Group (59th ORD. BDE, history)

The 81st USAFAD, Duelman, Germany (59th ORD. BDE)! and associated services from Yahoo! - custom news service - address book on-line - on-line scheduling - Free e-mail - on-line File storage - Instant Messenger Program