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The MP's of the 27th Ordnance Company 2

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This page is dedicated to the memory of SGT Keith Pearson:
You were a great guy and a great friend to all of us in the MP platoon and the unit. You will not be forgotten. (CPL Kelly)

I would like to give special thanks to CPL Kelly for taking time in sending me these pictures and for putting up with me and my begging for 3 months! To see more of CPL Kelly's pictures:
Click here: Life at the 27th page 2 <--

Remington (Center) with Friends. Remington   B. Dahlhoff Road Trip with B. Dahlhoff.
D. Bender, T. Pierce (w/hat on), SFC Shepherd in doorway, J. Demaroney (w/ the finger), SPC Arnold on the right. Party Time   M. Hansen CPL M. Hansen.
Kirkpatrick, SPC Seip and his wife, Pam. Kirkpatrick and Seip   C. Coberley SPC C. Coberley with his wife.
J. Waraksa in his room. J. Waraksa   C. Kelly and Didier CPL C. Kelly with Didier.
Remington, Waraksa, Vincent posing with friends. Remington, Waraksa, Vincent   Cross Pistols