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Life at the 27th Ordnance 3

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Festival in Bueren

These pictures were sent to me by Tony Figueredo. THANKS SSG FIG!

US Flag

US Flag and our unit's banner with its honor and combat streamers.
50 US States Flags All 50 US States being represented by flags (L) and a marching band on the right.

Chief Dalton has sent me a couple of pics. To the Left is a pic of the 27th Ord.NATO team and to the right is SGT Cordano. Thanks Chief!

On the Top Row are ?, SPC Dahlhoff, and SPC T. Ogle
SGT Pearson, ?, SGT Cordano, Maj. Muchow
CPL Eden
CPL Hansen, Chief Dalton, SGT Zick and ?

These Pictures were sent to me By Jeffrey Voight. Thanks Jeff! There's more at Life 4

SSG B. Swanson

J. Waraska

K Muchow to the left and SGT Whiting with SGT Vaught sitting in his lap.

K. Muchow

Four Pics from SGT. Anthony Whiting: Thanks Sarge! :)

Sgt. Whiting playing pool

SGT. Whiting playing pool in our Rec Room.   SGT. Whiting getting dowsed with water with help from Coberley and Bender Getting wet!


Airmission Airmission Helicopters   Alexander in Relaxing Alexander