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Life at the 27th Ordnance 5

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Thanks to David and Ashley Mcleod for all these great pics!

The women of the PX

Ashley Mcleod, Jody Pearson, Chris Foxx, Wando Bobo, & Chrystal Shimak

  Chris Foxx   Barbara Crisp, Jody and Ashley
Family Day with SFC Ted Cordano and Chief Jeff Norkus getting a pie.   SGT Mcgee about to pie Chief Rick Lastin.   CPT. Ken Curtis with his wife Shirly (last commanding officer of the 27th)
Chief Jeff Norkus and wife Kim.   Keely Upton (Muchow) and Ashley Mcleod   Ashley with John Sylvester
SFC Cordano with his wife Monie   Shopping trip in Wiesbaden:

Kim, Dee Bradley, Jody, & Angie Hepner

  SPC Arnold on the right at the All-Ranks Club with Barbara Crisp and Crystal Shimak
Patty Rogers, Sheryl Curtis, Keely Upton, Randy Arnold, Angela Pierce   Gobbie (?), Dennis Bender, Ashley, Jody, Rick Stalder, Mark Hood   Jody and Cathy Duso
R. Stalder, Keith Pearson, Tony Whiting, & James DeMaroney @ Tony's going away party. David Hester on Right.   Mike Mitsuda (ME!), Rick, Mark, McDonald, Keith, Hester

I wish I could remember what I was doing though!

  Jeff, David, Todd Duso, Nave having a snowball fight.
Jeff, Keith, Ashley with kids from housing   McDonald, Rick, Keith   GONE FISHING in Denmark

M Hood, K Pearson, C Kelly, D. McLeod, R Stalder, M Muchow

Doug McManus & SFC Rogers driving the bus to the trip   On Deck   Ashley, David, Jody, Keith with SFC John Crisp during the trip
Final Ball   Keith to the left, and Chris Coberly with his wife on right.