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Life at the 27th Ordnance 2

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I would like to give special thanks to CPL Kelly for taking time in sending me these pictures and for putting up with me and my begging for 3 months! To see more of CPL Kelly's pictures:
Click here: MP Page 2<--

SGT McLeod takes a nap on a company trip. SGT Cook   SGT Davis SGT Davis.
SSG Glover with his wife. SSG Glover   M. Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick taking a sip.
C. Kelly with SPC M. Schneck. Kelly and Schneck   Wenz PVT S. Wenz in the Barracks.
Signal Site's S. Moll with Commo's SPC D. Hillbish on top of a wall. Moll and Hillbish   SSG Roth, SGT Dalton SSG Roth and SGT Dalton.
It's Promotion time! CPL Kelly gets promoted with Wenz to his right. Promotion Time!